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SAFE Mortgage Loan Originator ONLINE Pre-licensing and Exam Prep!
The full 20 Hour AZ NMLS Course is $329.
The National Exam review course is $149.
The 4-Hour AZ Safe course is $109.

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Brodsky School of Real Estate has partnered with the Association of Mortgage Educators to offer the online courses for Mortgage Pre-licensing and Exam Prep.

The NMLS-approved instructor-led Arizona Pre-licensing course provides all of the tools to help you successfully complete your online MLO Pre-licensing education. The course is flexible and convenient, allowing you to move easily through the lessons, activities, and practice exams. You'll also have easy access to your instructor and other students through discussion forums and other activities.

The Pre-licensing course has a specific start and end dates-and your instructor will help make sure you keep on track to complete your course. Keep in mind that there are no "scheduled" activities so you can participate when it's convenient for you.

The course allows you to print off downloadable versions of reading assignments for offline reading and reference. And, all of your NMLS Banking fees are included!

The Exam Prep online courses are designed to prepare you with the knowledge you need to pass the National Loan Originator Test, which is mandated by the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act of 2008 (SAFE Act).  

The practice tests resemble the content breakdown and types of questions you will see on the licensing Tests. You can take as many practice tests as you want. Since the questions are randomized from large pool of questions, each test will be unique—you will never see the same exact questions in the same exact order.

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13 Things to Know About Our Courses

1.     Our NMLS-approved instructor-led courses provide all of the tools to help you successfully complete your online MLO pre-licensing education - and prepare you for your exam.

2.     Each course has a specific start and end date and required activities, including exams that you must complete in order to receive course credit.

3.     Every module has a required reading assignment that may be read online, downloaded and saved, or printed. You should save/print the reading assignments for ongoing reference after the class ends.

4.     The Course Resources page in the Introduction includes helpful reference documents that can be downloaded, such as instructions for taking tests and posting on discussion threads, answers to reading assignment quizzes, glossary, etc.

5.     Every module—and the Introduction—has a required exam that may be accessed from any page in the module by clicking the Exam button at the top of the screen.

6.     Although you may be able to access a module and its reading assignment, you can’t start a module exam until it is unlocked.

7.     New module exams are unlocked daily throughout the time period of the class session—for example in the 14-DAY Session, the Module 3 exam is unlocked on Day 2; the final exam unlocked on Day 11—but you are not required to complete one module each day. You can work at your own pace, but can’t work ahead.

8.     You must achieve a score of 75% on the required exam before the next module is accessible. You may retake the exams as often as you like during the class session.

9.     The course has several required “homework” assignments. Details for these, and other activities, are available from the Assignments page in each module. You must complete the assignments to get credit for the course.

10.  You can click on the Course Calendar to see the specific dates when module exams are unlocked or assignments are due.

11.  You have easy access to your instructor and other students through our discussion forums and other activities.

12.  You must have a unique NMLS ID available before the class ends. It is required to get credit for completing the course. To obtain a NMLS ID, contact the NMLS directly.

13.  You will not have access the course after the class end date. Be sure to save/print the reading assignments for ongoing reference after the class ends.

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