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Renewal Requirements
Mortgage Loan Classes
State Exam Instructions

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Once you have obtained your Sales Agent or Broker's License, you are required to renew the license every 2 years.  The Arizona Department of Real Estate requires 24 renewal hours every 2 years.  You must take at least one 3-hour class in each of 6 required categories.  Those categories are Agency Law, Commissioner's Rules & Standards, Contract Law, Fair Housing, Disclosures, and Real Estate Law/Legal Issues.  Each class is 3 hours long, so once you have taken 1 of each of those categories, you will have 18 renewal hours.  The other 6 required hours can be in any category you like (including General).  You are allowed to duplicate categories; as long as you are not duplicating the exact same classes in the same renewal period, they will count towards your renewal.  The Real Estate Department does not allow more than 9 hours of continuing education credit in a 24 hour period.  Please do not take more than 9 hours on any one day.

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